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  • Excited to see the Google Doodle today! We had our very own Ramen night this week, while watching Princess Mononoke! Thank you Momofuku Ando and Hayao Miyazaki for making it all possible! View on Facebook

Look Local publishes a full color advertising guide for Central Florida businesses, and has seen tremendous growth over the last several years. They started with a reach of just 10,000 homeowners, and now have a reach of 100,000 addresses. This is due to their hardworking nature — it's clear Look Local is committed to their mission of connecting quality businesses with their target markets. So, when the Treefrog team had the opportunity to work with Look Local, we jumped at the opportunity. Look Local was already going through a branding upgrade when they approached Treefrog. They updated their logo, and now Go

Benjamin leaps into action at Treefrog Cinegraphix as the new Project Coordinator. Bonded by the love of Thai food and a passion for marketing, the Treefrog Team has welcomed Benjamin with open arms. Be on the lookout for more blogs and social media posts by Benjamin. Benjamin started his marketing career working for PureNintendo.com. He helped lead that team into growing their own magazine, and focused on publishing their digital version through an app available for iOS and Android devices. His passion for video games helped him hone his skills in writing and social media. Currently, Benjamin is completing his Master’s degree in Go

Cake. Who doesn't love a perfect cake? (If you happen to be one of the few people who actually don't like cake, please keep reading, this is just an analogy.) But, would you love a cake made without sugar? How about without eggs, or flour, or baking powder? No, you wouldn't. A deliciously scrumptious cake isn't so because of the bowls it's mixed in or the oven it's baked in, rather what makes a successful confection is the ingredients that go into it. Just as there is no single way to bake a delicious vanilla cake, there is no single correct Go

The crowds have gathered for your site's big launch. You eagerly pull back the curtain, and the audience gasps in amazement. The buzz is music to your ears. "We should get Treefrog to do our new site," you overhear amidst the oohs and aahs. The content is well-crafted for your target demographic, and the design is ready for whatever devices they're using. This you know, but when you look out among the crowd, you're surprised to see who's sitting in the front row. A cartel of hardened tech giants, scrutinizing every corner of your site. A cold sweat beads on your neck. You knew about this. Go

As the year comes to a close and we've exchanged our gifts and holiday best wishes, we want to pause a moment and reflect on the time that's passed. Every year around this time, you hear people sigh and say to themselves, "Where has the year gone?" We are no different. Our fourteenth year of the twenty first century was as fleeting and as lively as anyone else's. In January, we moved into our new office and kicked off the year immediately in high gear. February brought the annual ADDY's, which of course meant an immense amount of added stress. Go