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It’s the big day! The development is done, the content is in, and your pre-launch requirements are all met. It’s time for a smooth and painless launch. Day-of Launch Checklist Launching WordPress sites is a fairly painless process when the right precautions are taken. Something Old, Something New Migrate the database -- WordPress databases will often have arrays of data stored as serialized strings. If you're migrating "dev.example.com" to "example.com" by running a find and replace on the database, any serialized values that include the old domain will break. This usually results in broken slideshows and empty widgets. To avoid this, we use the Go

It's almost the big day! After months of planning, design, and development, it's time to launch your new website. What steps should you take to ensure the launch is smooth and successful? At Treefrog, we've had our fair share of launches, and in that winding history we've encountered almost every kind of speed bump and obstacle. Over time, we've developed a checklist of all the necessary steps and precautions. Because we want to promote a happier, more beautiful web, we're going to share our process with you. First up: everything we like to take care of before launch-day. Pre-Launch Checklist Content Long before we're Go

With the holidays around the corner, Christian put together a beautiful set of line art icons for your Christmas, Hanukkah or even Festivus designs. This set of free vector icons can be used however you like. We're in a giving mood this holiday season! Source: tay.kotaku.com These icons are absolutely free for any use, even the Festivus Pole. Holiday Line Art Icons by Christian Knightly is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Go

Now that we've talked about the worst practices in email marketing, let's go over some of the best. Have a plan The first step to email marketing is to create a plan. What are you trying to accomplish with your newsletter? Start with your audience. Identify your subscribers. Are they previous customers? Future prospects? General interest? Establish who they are, and why they subscribed to your newsletter. Build your content around your subscribers. Think about what your subscribers are interested in. Focus on brief, compelling, and useful content. Make a publishing schedule. Your publishing frequency will depend on your subscribers and your content. At Go

Email marketing is a great tool for connecting directly to your customer base. But mistakes are common. How can you make the most of your email marketing campaign? This blog will cover some of the most common email marketing pitfalls – and how you can avoid them. Permission, permission, permission Anti-spam laws exist for a reason, and you should follow them. The biggest piece of advice I can give is this: Make sure your consumer base wants to receive your emails. This is important for several reasons: It's literally against the law. Anti-spam regulations mandate that all subscribers must provide explicit consent to be on a Go