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As the year comes to a close and we've exchanged our gifts and holiday best wishes, we want to pause a moment and reflect on the time that's passed. Every year around this time, you hear people sigh and say to themselves, "Where has the year gone?" We are no different. Our fourteenth year of the twenty first century was as fleeting and as lively as anyone else's. In January, we moved into our new office and kicked off the year immediately in high gear. February brought the annual ADDY's, which of course meant an immense amount of added stress. Go

Welcome back to our creative outlets series! The holidays are a busy time, filled with friends, family, and most importantly, food. (Okay fine, friends and family are most important but food is a really close third.) I developed my deep-seated appreciation for food at an early age. My mom is an excellent cook, and through her daily meals and cake decorating profession she proved time and time again that cooking is a creative craft. Through my childhood baking to the culinary experiments of adulthood I have come to learn the same. Cooking is the perfect combination of art and science. Creativity in Go

WHO LOVES THEM SOME SHAPES? I sure do. Around here, they call me Shapemaster Dan. They don't, but it would be great if they did. Now, I know what you're thinking: "Handsome Shapemaster, I learned everything I need to know about shapes back in elementary school. What value could they possibly have in my boring, grown-up life?" I'm glad you asked. Geometry, basically the study of shapes, has been practiced and lauded since early human history. But I'm not here to talk about Euclid and my main-man Descartes. I would like to share some personal stories about how shapes have been Go

As we sit down at the table to give thanks this week, we can’t help but feel the looming holiday craze waiting just ahead, lurking in the Black Friday shadows. Giving gifts to clients can be a daunting task, and balancing creativity with your budget can sometimes feel impossible. But have no fear! Here are some ideas, examples, and inspiration to whet your gift giving appetite. As a designer and business owner, I look at gift giving as an opportunity to market our services and remind clients of what we can do. A few years ago, Christine DuPont (a previous Treefrog Go

Happy Halloween from Treefrog Cinegraphix! With things spooking up around here, we're going to start off our creative series with a look at costuming and cosplay. Each of us at TCX has had some hand in the craft. We've had quite a few memorable Halloween parties, and we even find occasions throughout the year to dress up. So what do we like most about this fun, slightly silly creative endeavor? I think Rita puts it best: For me, costuming equals make believe. It reminds me of the theater and entering a world of mystery and intrigue. People are never who they Go