Public Relations

PR is an invaluable tool for marketing a business and is part of our SEO strategy. Digitally optimized press releases create opportunities for your business to be promoted by journalists, bloggers, and internet influencers.

PR Benefits

  • Reach internet influencers and bloggers to increase interest for your company.
  • Direct the conversation about your business and services.
  • Build better search engine rankings through backlinks and engagement.
  • Promote your business to relevant industry related news sources.
  • Showcase your company as an industry thought leader.

Our Process

Messaging & Positioning

Crafting a unified message to reach your target audience.

Our goal is to get coverage that supports your company’s overall business and marketing objectives. We do this by identifying your key target market, then we craft your position and message to best reach and engage that audience. Our team creates the text and images to position your company as an industry thought leader, and generate the interest you need to garner the attention of influencers across the web.

Campaign Execution

Pitch to media outlets for promotion.

After we’ve created your press release, we use digital PR platforms to reach news and media outlets. Once posted online, we research prospects, monitor links, and begin influencer outreach. We then pitch relevant outlets so you can get real distribution for your content.

Let’s Get Started

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