Our Brand Process

We come alongside your company to create and foster your unique identity and make you outshine the competition. In today’s marketplace, image is everything. Your brand is what will catch the eye and what people will remember. Let us help make sure yours is the one that really stands out.


The design process begins before pencil ever hits paper. It begins with our clients. We take the time to get to know who we’re working with beyond their role as client and then we get to know their business. We meet as many times as necessary. We delve as deeply into the ins and outs of the company, its mission, its vision, its culture, its history, its personality, and then we take that info to the drawing board and start drawing.


Once we’ve gathered as much information possible, we brainstorm, we discuss, debate, and contemplate. Once a visual conceptualization has been decided on, the actual creating begins – brand message is established, color palette determined, and logo developed. We create the mocks and the meetings begin again. Back-and-forth is an expected part of the process in which our clients tell us what they do and do not like and we work on it until the identity package is perfect.


In the end, once perfection is achieved, we go into launch phase. This is the time for production of all materials – business cards, letterhead, envelopes, rack cards, brochures, etc. We package and deliver to our clients their new identity complete with a brand guideline, all logo and brand files, and all print collateral.

Our Brand Work