Canopy for WordPress

Our aim to provide clean, modern sites led to the foundation of our very own WordPress framework. Canopy is an umbrella over all of our web projects, letting us deliver consistent quality by starting from the best foundation we can assemble.

Getting Down to Details

In order to support all web-capable devices, from the desktop down to the phone, and everything in-between, we’ve built Canopy to work responsively. This means that our sites adapt to the physical dimensions of the browser and do their best to behave like first-class citizens in any given environment. This means that graphics will be crisp on high resolution screens, and interaction will follow conventions which users are comfortable with.

Speaking to Search Engines

In some regards, our most important visitors are search engines. Canopy is written to speak their language, taking advantage of new technologies like OpenGraph and to fill in any gaps that may hinder their understanding of a website. On the same token, HTML5 and ARIA landmarks help make our sites more accessible for screen readers.

Big Features

  • Fully responsive, retina-ready, and built in HTML5 and CSS3
  • OpenGraph and integration
  • Custom-built slideshow system
  • Security enhancements for WordPress
  • Custom branding capability for WordPress login
  • Canopy Admin Panel for managing basic layout/theme settings
  • Backend styles and tweaks for readability and simplicity
  • Canopy-specific editor plugins, for button generation, columns, find and replace, separators, and accordions
  • Multiple page templates and URL-based template switcher
  • Ability to embed widgets into pages with a shortcode
  • Threaded comments
  • Enhancements for WordPress Menus, including automatic rendering of submenus and mobile responsive menu
  • Automatic retina-resolution featured thumbnails when possible
  • Automatic generation of short URLs for linking on social networks
  • ARIA landmarks for screen reader accessibility
  • Streamlining of all dependent styles and scripts