Dan Bookman

Managing Partner, Technical Director

I've been a web developer almost as long as I can remember. My gifted teacher in the fourth grade had us build something like a web site, in a software called HyperCard. I still have the floppy disk. I'm not sure everyone else "got" my enthusiasm, but I was enamored with my creation and I set out immediately to make more.

As the years marched on, I became obsessed with all things digital. Still in my teens, I'd produced dozens of graphics and web sites. I'd dabbled in programming, music, video editing, animation, and game design. Every edgy teenage thought I could put down in pixels was somehow made more valid and real in doing so. I was mining infinite value out of the little beige PC in our living room, dipping my hands into a vast well of arcana that they just didn't teach in school.

Web design was (and still is) the intersection between Art and Design into which my talents most cleanly fit. I'm analytical, opinionated, and I will never argue a point that I haven't researched. Design lets me apply those traits, but the discipline's artistic side leaves room for my true passion: creative expression.

None of this is to say that my career defines me as a person, I'm just a huge nerd with a flowery writing style. That's another part of me: writing. So is animation, fixing up my house, and making jokes. Jokes are a bit art and design, too. I cook eggs like Gordon Ramsay, I play video games, and I'm bad at parties, if you have to know.

Would my life have turned out differently if I'd never had that fateful teacher all those years ago? My mind says "no", but my body? My body says “no”. I was born for this stuff.

About This Character

“Lossy is the new lossless”
—Dan Bookman

Alias: Steve
Origin: Miami, Fl
Special Ability: Web Sight
Weapon of Choice: WordPress
Signature Attack: Canopy of Darkness
Weakness: Puns
Arch Nemesis: Comic Sans

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