Office Dog

My role as the office dog began in 2015 when my human, Christian, found me at the Orange County Animal Shelter. I became very attached to this new human and his three friends, Ben, Dan and Susan. Soon I was allowed to join my human in the office place. Going to work is one of the best parts of my day. I love hanging my head out the car window as we drive up I-4 and meeting new humans is always fun.

I do wonder why the humans always sit in front of those odd boxes that glow all day, but, there are times they stop and scratch me behind the ears, or take me outside, or even better, feed me.

About This Character


Alias: Bud
Origin: Streets of Orlando
Special Ability: Puppy Eyes
Weapon of Choice: Giant Lick
Signature Attack: Cuteness Overload
Weakness: Pup-peroni
Arch Nemesis: Tiny Dogs

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