Step 1

In order to add media directly into a post or onto a page you must be editing the page. Place your cursor where you want to add the image.

Step 2

Click Add Media.

Step 3
add image step 3

A window will appear giving you options for uploading. You can click and drag a file into the box, you can upload a file from your computer, or if the file you need has already been added somewhere else you can select it from the Media Library.

Step 4

The image will appear in the window with fields of information below. This is where you can add a caption; you can choose to have the image centered, left, or right aligned; and choose the size of your image.

Step 5

Unless you have a specific page you want the image to link to, under Link URL choose None.

Step 6

After you’ve made your selections for your image, click Insert into Post. You will then see your image appear in the post.

Step 7

To edit or delete an image, click on the image. Six icons will appear above the image. The X icon will remove the file and the icon of the pencil will allow you to edit. The other icons will adjust the alignment of the image.