Step 1
creating-columns-step-1In order to add a column directly into a post or onto a page you must be editing the page. Place your cursor where you want to add the column.

Step 2
creating-columns-step-2Click Insert Columns.

Step 3
creating-columns-step-3A window will appear giving you options for how many columns, and how much room each column will take.

Step 4
creating-columns-step-4To select a column, click from the Add Columns area. This will display in the preview, and you can unselect the choice by clicking on the column in the preview area.

Step 5
creating-columns-step-5Finally, click the Insert Columns” button.

Step 6
creating-columns-step-6For each column, highlight with the cursor from after the C to the end of the number. Input your content, and then delete the C. This will keep the column from getting messed up when editing in the Visual mode.

Step 6

Your new columns should look something like this:

New Content

New Content

New Content