Step 1
sectioned-page-step-1In order to create a sectioned page, start by creating a new page.

Step 2


On the right column, below the Publish box, there is a Page Attributes box. In this box is a Template drop down menu, select Sectioned Page and save.

Step 3
setioned-page-step-3If adding a section to a page that has already been created, simply ensure that the page is a Sectioned Page in the Template drop down. Place the cursor where you would like the section to be created.

Step 4
sectioned-page-step-4Click Insert Section.

Step 5
sectioned-page-step-5A window will appear with options for background alignment, color, and background image. The color options will be selected based upon your website color scheme. Most sections will not use the Background Image option.

Step 6
sectioned-page-step-6Now click Insert Section.

Step 7
sectioned-page-step-7Place the content you would like in the section between the bracketed words.