Step 1

dashboard step 1
After logging in to WordPress, you are taken to the Dashboard. The WordPress Dashboard is essentially your home page for the administrative side of your website. It is customizable so that what you see is relevant to your business. For many it may look something like this:
Step 2

dashboard step 2
The At A Glance window is similar to a message board. It lets you know about the content and activity on the site, such as recent comments and the exact number of posts and pages on the site.
Step 3

dashboard step 3
The Quick Press box is for quick updates to your blog.
Step 4

dashboard step 4
The Forms window lets you know how many forms, such as Contact Us or Request a Quote forms have been filled out and are waiting for your response.
Step 5

dashboard step 5
The Recent Comments window allows you to see recent comments made to your site. You may choose to approve, spam, or trash them quickly from here.
Step 6

dashboard step 6
To change what information you see in your dashboard click Screen Options at the top right of your home page.
Step 7

dashboard step 7
After clicking Screen Options a menu will appear. Check the boxes of the fields you want in you dashboard and uncheck anything not desired.