Email marketing is a great tool for connecting directly to your customer base. But mistakes are common. How can you make the most of your email marketing campaign?

This blog will cover some of the most common email marketing pitfalls – and how you can avoid them.

Permission, permission, permission

Anti-spam laws exist for a reason, and you should follow them.

The biggest piece of advice I can give is this: Make sure your consumer base wants to receive your emails. This is important for several reasons:

  1. It’s literally against the law. Anti-spam regulations mandate that all subscribers must provide explicit consent to be on a subscription list.
  2. Market to those who want to be marketed to. You’ll see higher open rates, click rates, and a better ROI. If they don’t want your emails, then they aren’t good subscribers anyway.

Getting caught in spam filters

Know how spam filters work, and how to avoid them. There’s no point in investing in email marketing if your subscribers never see your emails. Here’s some things to avoid:

  • “Free,” “buy now,” “click here,” “once in a lifetime opportunity”, and “money-back guarantee.”
  • Use all the exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Weird use of RGB colors.
  • Sloppy code.
  • Only using images (spam filters don’t trust what they can’t read).

Basically, if you make something that looks like something you’d find in your spam folder, it’ll probably wind up in your spam folder.

Tune in next week for our companion blog piece: Email Marketing Vol 2: Best Practices. And hey, sign up for our newsletter in the meantime.

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