Live tweeting is a big opportunity to build a brand’s digital presence in real time. It’s a step in networking that can be easily overlooked, but have incredible payoff when done well.

Many make the mistake of only considering live tweeting when it’s something being put on by their own company, which only works in a promotional sense if you have internal social goals for your employee engagement. There are a variety of events to live tweet that involve a physical location or simply tweeting after hours from home. The main goal of live tweeting should be to build brand authority with your target audience. Some great examples are award ceremonies, television shows, and live streaming conferences. Whether it’s industry related or a personal interest among your target audience’s demographics, take the opportunity to add your voice to the conversation.

Did you know?

  • 61 % of Internet users are on the web while watching broadcasts?
  • 18% of users join social media conversations about their favorite TV shows and events on their smart phone or tablet, while it is going on.
  • 23% of users messaged friends about the program they were currently watching.

Source: Statista

Treefrog’s Social Media Experience

This social media unicorn had the opportunity to assist a client in making the most of an annual industry event that involved their target market and their peers. Tradeshows and conferences within a brand’s industry are perfect for live tweeting for a few reasons:

  • It’s Everyone’s First Day of School. An event could be older than Earl Grey himself with thousands of regulars returning all the time, and this mindset will still stay the same. People attend conventions expecting to grow their network and learn more about their new connections. If you’re shy about asking someone to follow you on twitter, or getting their handle name, now’s the time to get practice in a comfortable setting.
  • Put A Face with a Tweet. Interacting with your target market directly in person is always the best opportunity to help them get to know your brand. It puts a more personal name and face to your business account, that a logo and 150 character limit just can not compete with.
  • Tweeting Makes Events Fun. The majority of the workforce in the United States are Millennials ( About 71% of them believe that live tweeting during events make them more fun, and more than half of them find event hashtags useful. (
  • Community Hub. Professionals that attend conferences and tradeshows are passionate about their industry and developing within their field. Seeing a lively profile on twitter displays your business is passionate about the industry too.
  • Quicker Follow Up Than Email. Live Tweeting lets users build stronger connections faster. Sending a quick tweet to new connections – or even past connections – that you’ve run into during the conference is a more personal approach to the follow up process. Tweeting gives you more time to send a thoughtful email a few days later, and even helps you keep track of the business cards you might have lost.

Another fun part that I personally enjoy about live tweeting is getting to know the client even better on a face-to-face basis. As their social content creator, it was a valuable experience for me as well. I was able to see what they do in action, but also get to know their industry in more detail.

The results from their event were incredible. Live tweeting didn’t simply boost short-term engagement either. The long-term results continued even months after. Check out the numbers for yourself.

Short Term Results

  • Live tweets received 23% more impressions than daily content during the month, and boosted the monthly impressions by 75% from the previous month.
  • Live Tweets received 28% more “likes” than average content during that month.
  • Their Twitter profile received the most engagement during the entire month, more than they had received over the previous 4.
  • Boosted conversations for the month by 500%.

Long Term Results

We decided to compare the data from the month before live tweeting, to the month after the live tweeting event. Here are just some of the highlights.

  • The profile received 37% more impressions on its most engaged day, than the most impressionable day of the month prior to live tweeting.
  • 143% increase in link clicks.
  • 400% increase in conversation.
  • 114% increase in ‘likes’ on tweets.
  • 50% increase in total impressions.

The great thing about live tweeting is that it’s always unique to the industry and business.

Do you have a conference or event coming up? Let’s have a chat about the live tweeting possibilities for you!

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