Launching a new advertising campaign is the key to spreading the word about your brand in general or news about events, products and offers. Unfortunately, consumers inundated with information, it’s difficult to show your audience you’re the brand they need to give their attention to.

We can make it a little easier to set yourself apart. Whether you’re at the startup phase and creating a beauty logo for branding or you’re trying to tell the world about your latest product, these resources will help you gain momentum faster.

Design Your Material: Piktochart

Are you an amateur or a pro? For anyone, Piktochart is a practical resource to design most of your content, from Instagram posts to create a professional presentation to use in a webinar.

It will take you a minimal amount of time thanks to the ready-to-use templates and the drag and drop features. You can also export in one of many different formats, so you can use Piktochart content in many scenarios, whether for social media sharing or printing.

Providing Valuable Information: Venngage

While your designs should be of exceptional quality to catch people’s attention, an advertising campaign isn’t only about being ‘flashy’. Consumers are shrewd and can quickly gauge whether you’re really worth their time. Many of them expect in-depth information, rather than marketing jargon. You need to showcase your knowledge, educate them about your products or help them understand the value you bring to the table.

Now, you can’t make your information boring or they will click to search for another more engaging website page, article or social media post. This is why infographics are so popular:

  • You provide vital information
  • Imagery makes it interesting
  • Features like graphs provide details at a glance, which is important since consumers are looking for the fastest solution to their question or problem
  • Charts can explain a complex idea in a simpler way, helping your audience see the value of your brand

With Venngage anyone can create quality infographics on ready to use templates. The customization options help you make it appropriate to your advertising campaign message.

Website Popups and Banners: JetPopup & Bannersnack

Since studies have shown websites determine consumers’ viewpoint of a brand—even your credibility—it’s essential to have quality pages. But how do you turn your visitors’ newfound trust into a confirmed sale?

Using website banners and popup messages play an important role in motivating visitors to take action or focus their attention on what you want them to notice. You can make your own popups and banners, thanks to the helpful online resources that are user-friendly, even for newbies.

Social Media Scheduling: Buffer

A campaign refers to a planned course of action, incorporating various steps. It’s not a one-off sharing of a catchy Instagram post you created. You need a structured plan to share your various advertising components—infographics, images, written content, client feedback, and more—with your audience over a specific time. Managing this campaign can be time-consuming without resources like social media schedulers, of which Buffer is a leading vendor:

  • Instantly share your content to multiple platforms.
  • Use this tool to schedule your sharing for the next few weeks. You won’t harm your campaign by forgetting to post.
  • You’ll have an overview of what you share so you can align aspects like newsletters or new blog articles with what you’re sharing on social media.
  • If something happens in politics or sports that you can easily tie in with your brand message, it’s effortless to adjust your content and impress your audience with your creativity.

Get and Share Ideas: Pinterest

The mistake many advertisers and business owners make is to underestimate the power of resources originally used by consumers only. This happened with Facebook when businesses viewed it purely as a platform for people to engage with each other, not realizing how dynamic this tool can be for industries. Over time, businesses adjusted perspectives started using the platform more and Facebook catered for their needs with multiple business-focused features.

Now, it’s time you realize the power of Pinterest. It’s not simply sharing of random ideas for people who are bored at home. It can play two vital roles in your advertising campaign:

  • Use it to find ideas: You can easily determine what trends people are after, so you know how to align your look or message with their needs and preferences. With the mass of information, people pin on almost any topic these days, you can also find inspiration when your creative juices fail you.
  • Share your content: From articles to infographics, this is a popular place people share what they love. So, use this as a platform to share the content you create. Because Pinterest users form such an active community, you’re increasing your chances of being noticed.

If you don’t use the dynamic resources available to you, you will get left behind. Even if your brand and product is better than all your competitors’, it’s your marketing campaigns that will determine whether people and the industry know about it and start respecting it.

So, start using these resources, get comfortable using them and start campaigning like a pro.

Featured Image Photo by Simon Launay on Unsplash

Guest post submitted by Milyn Anne

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