ZNES Group

ZNES Group approached our team with the need for a creative, memorable, and unique brand encompassing the fiery excitement and financial aspect of the start up business. Leveraging a vivid orange and red gradient, our team created a hexagonal brand glyph that models a box in perspective. We hid the letter ‘Z’ within the glyph to create the edge of the cube. We paired the sharp edges of the glyph with a gorgeous serif font to create the final logo.

Collateral Specs:

  • Silk Laminated Business Cards with Custom Spot UV
  • Premium Uncoated Offset Double-sided Letterhead
  • Letterhead Features Brand Pattern on Back
  • Premium Uncoated Offset Envelopes with Black Seal Flap

Project Detail

ZNES Group Collateral
ZNES Group Business Card Detail
Brand Guide
Brand Guide Detail
Brand Guide Detail
Branded Door with Vinyl Decals