Recently we’ve seen some pretty ingenious internet marketing campaigns utilizing Twitter. One of the best was produced by MacHeist, a company that offers Macintosh software bundles and has found huge success within the Mac community. Their latest software bundle offered two additional software applications for FREE so long as you Tweeted a specific phrase about buying the software bundle.

Example of a user's Tweet for the MacHeist Tweetback Campaign

Example of a user's Tweet for the MacHeist Tweetback Campaign

As users began tweeting about the MacHeist bundle to download their free software, the information went viral and boosted their sales significantly as more Twitter users learned of the MacHeist software bundle. This was also a great way to get more Twitter followers so they could continue marketing their products.

The system worked in a very unique way as it would actually verify that you tweeted the exact phrase before allowing you to download the free software. We’ve recently developed a way for us to offer this same technology to our clients, allowing their online marketing campaigns the chance to go viral. If you’d like more information about integrating ‘Tweetbacks’ into your internet marketing just drop us a line.

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