It’s been an interesting year of opportunities and challenges for the Treefrog Cinegraphix crew. Our team expanded, opening new avenues for our marketing services, while also creating a slight spatial issue in our current home office location. We found our plate full most of the year, at times even overflowing, resulting in many late nights with rushed heartbeats and sweaty palms as our hands sped over our keyboards clicking and clacking in a rush to meet deadlines. Never flinching, we powered through and found ourselves at the end of the year stronger, tougher, and prepared to enter Twenty Fourteen brighter and more resilient than ever before.

February – The 2013 ADDY’s

From left to right: Lead Developer, Susan Mullins; Technical Director and Co-Owner, Dan Bookman; Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder, Christian Knightly; Former Lead Designer and Co-Founder, Christine M. Dupont

Winning a Silver ADDY Award
Not only did we attend the ADDY Awards, but the Treefrog Team took home a silver ADDY for their work on

May – Christian’s Fontastic 30th Birthday Party

From left to right: Susan, Christian, Rita, Christine, Dan

June – Office & Marketing Manager, Rita Barnes, Joins the Team!

From left to right: Rita, Dan, Susan, and Christian

July – Launched Teagan Co. Treefrog’s First eCommerce Site

Teagan Co. Fully Responsive eCommerce Site

July – Product Launch for Fusion Fitness Designs

Owner of Fusion FItness Designs, Cy Manula (Center), pauses for a photo with girlfriend and fellow Treefrog client, Phaedra, and co-owners of TCX, Christian Knightly and Dan Bookman.

September – Treefrog Officially Adopts Buddy as the Office Dog

Buddy Attentively Attending an Office Meeting

October – The Team Glams-it-up at Former Co-owner Christine Dupont’s Halloween Party

From left to right: Rita Hayworth, Christian Troy, Susan Foreman, and Dan Donegan

From left to right: Rita Hayworth, Christian Troy, Susan Foreman, and Dan Donegan

Novemember – Launched

Fully Responsive Site for AAF Orlando

A Quick Glance at Some of Our Other Projects for the Year


It is our pleasure to collaborate and create the very best designs and products with our clients and our business partners. We hope these relationships will continue to grow in the new year!

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