Designers create. That’s the nitty gritty of it. They plan and they devise. Any construction, any composition, any creation, was originally the brain child of a designer. It’s likely a wiring in the brain, this need to make something out of nothing. To see what is there where others cannot. And, when someone is wired in this way, it’s impossible to turn it off.

In our previous installment of our Designer’s Fashion discussion, we exhibited the finished product; the favorite wardrobe items of designer Christian Knightly. Our creative sample this time? Orlando Magazine art director and graphic design adjunct instructor for Valencia College, Christine Marie Dupont.

We sat down with Christine and had a short Q&A about her outrageously creative ensembles to gain some insight into her inspiration, her planning, and her execution.

TCX: How does your career as a graphic designer play a role in your fashion choices?

Christine: Well, as a graphic designer I have to pay attention to design elements, like color, shape and texture, and in a way those are things that I look for when I am buying clothing. Additionally, as an art director for a magazine, I do have to pay attention to certain fashion and color trends since we do 2 fashion features a year. While our associate editor is the one who will actually choose the fashions, at the end of the day it’s my responsibility to pay attention to color, silhouette, and how the overall feature unifies as a whole. While much of it are items that I cannot (or even would not) wear, I can still appreciate it for it’s artistic merits.

TCX: Do you notice a conscious use of the creative process in planning out your outfits or fashion purchases?

Christine: You mean other than organizing my closet by color? And yes, it is ROYGBV [Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet] with another row of white, grey, black, and brown. But, I do occasionally pin outfits to Pinterest, and I’ll look at them some mornings to get an idea of how to put together an outfit or decide what color to wear. It really depends on what time I wake up. Most mornings I just throw on jeans and a nice top and a handful of jewelry; nothing that really requires a whole lot of planning.

TCX: Do you notice your graphic design style mirrors or matches your fashion style (or the other way around)? If so, how and why?

Christine: I wouldn’t necessarily say that I have a particular design style. As a designer, I try to be versatile since a single style doesn’t necessarily work for every project. Coincidentally, I do have a very diverse wardrobe because I like to change things up a bit depending on my mood. I might feel really feminine one day and sorta grungy the next… So, I guess the answer to your question is actually ‘Yes,’ I have a diverse design style and a diverse fashion style.

When asked about the product samples she gave us as examples of her favorite styles and accessories, she gave us a list:

  • Gemstone necklaces from Nina Nguyen and Midwinter Co.: As a child growing up in Maryland, I loved visiting the gemstone exhibit at the Smithsonian. In a small way, these rough cut stone necklaces from Midwinter Co. remind me of that experience. I also have quite an obsession with the natural sparkle of geode and druzy pendants, like those by jewelry designer Nina Nguyen.,,
  • Leather & Lace tops from Lane Bryant: I’ve got a thing for leather and lace. These tops from Lane Bryant offer a fun juxtaposition of tough and girly. The mix of cut-out leather and chiffon hem is both flirty and edgy, while the lace overlay top offers a darkly elegant look.
  • High heels from DSW: Anyone who knows me understands that I have a shoe obsession, and I love shoes with personality. I am particularly a fan of fun patterns. The mix of colors in this Anne Klein fabric pump allows this shoe to top off just about any outfit.
  • Kelly Moore bag: Being both a designer and a teacher, I need to carry around a lot of stuff. I have this Kelly Moore Songbird bag in cobalt blue, and it offers plenty of versatile organization options. Plus, it doubles as a camera bag with a removable basket and adjustable dividers.
  • Geometric gold jewelry from Stella Dot and Forever21: Lately I’ve been obsessed with gold, especially in streamlined, geometric shapes. I love the simplicity of this Rebel Pendant from Stella & Dot, but I also love the approachable price point of pieces from Forever 21.,
  • Funky Converse from Journey’s: Everyone should own a pair of Converse sneakers (I own 3 pairs, myself). With a variety of color options and styles, plus the ability to customize your own, it really should be a staple of every graphic designers wardrobe.,
  • Statement necklace from Kendra Scott: Every once in a while I like to break out a big ‘ol statement necklace (if you haven’t realized by now that I have a jewelry problem, then you haven’t been paying attention). I love the big colorful pieces that Kendra Scott makes.,
  • CMYK jacket from Veer Merch: I love being a graphic designer, and I have no problem wearing my heart on my sleeve… or anywhere else for that matter. This sporty CMYK jacket from Veer is not only in my favorite color (red), but it’s truly an ode to my love of print design. I don’t know what could be more “designer” fashion than that. Veer Merch via

Christine’s fashions are a prime example of bringing together pieces and parts to create a finished product. She shops around on the internet, pins her inspiration to her Pinterest boards, and uses her creative genius to construct her style.

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